AT GSA we offer training programs with certified consultants. We deliver these programs in partnership with CEPMLP (Centre Energy Petroleum Mineral Law and Policy) from the University of Dundee.

The CEPMLP centre is a leading institution for research and postgraduate teaching in the area of Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy. With many years of experience the center’s approach to teaching, research and consultancy provides a unique perspective on how governments, business and communities operate, providing the professionals of today with the ability to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The Centre is renowned for their programme of seminars, conferences and professional development courses that are attended by delegates from government, ministries, academia and industry, providing those attending with a global forum for theoretical and practical interaction in Scotland.

Our courses are tailor made, for the natural resource and energy sectors, and include negotiation skills, petroleum regulation and licensing, managing contracts and agreements, arbitration and dispute management skills along with many more.

Each course is accredited by the Law Society (Solicitors Regulation Authority) , UK and our partners are an Energy Institute approved training provider. Our In-company training has been proven to be effective and efficient as the programme is customised according to your organisation's needs. It also offers cost savings on travelling expenditure and flexibility in timing and location for your staff.


Our training seeks to equip staff by giving them an understanding of the Business principles underlying the oil markets, risk management for oil trading, commercial activities of an oil trading desk.

We believe a company’s human skill-pool is their biggest asset, thus the capacity to meet the future demands of your business relies on you taking proactive steps now to ensure the competency of your people.

Education in energy and natural resources studies has never been more relevant than it is today. Nor have the dilemmas of intensive resource use across the planet been so much the focus of controversy.

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